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A Matter Of Perspective
2007-08-23 09:44
by Phil Bencomo

If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point.
-Antonio Porchia

A come-from-behind win can be viewed a number of ways. The first is rather pessimistic: Why were they behind in the first place? I'm willing to dismiss questions like these because, ultimately, I only care that the team is scoring runs, not when it is. After all, a run in the ninth counts the same as a run in the first. Not that I'd want late-inning dramatics to become a regular occurrence (I'd rather go ahead early and stay ahead)... And last night, anyway, the Cubs weren't behind for long; the two teams were tied for much of the game.

The second view is much more encouraging: Oh, what a wonderful team! They can never be counted out, no matter the inning or deficit! Very few teams are actually so good as to warrant such absolute exclamations. More often than not, these statements are a product of pure emotion -- which I've succumbed to from time to time -- after a stirring victory, statements that don't hold true for long.

The third view is much more realistic: A bit of luck, shoddy relief work on the part of the opposition, hitters finally figuring out a pitcher after two or three at-bats. It's a combination of those things that really result in come-from-behind wins.

Take last night. The top of the 10th inning: A key hit from a hot hitter, a passed ball, a walk, an error ... the Cubs score two runs and pull out a win. It doesn't say so much about the Cubs as it does the Giants.

But any way you look at it, it's still a win -- one that puts the Cubs a full game ahead of Milwaukee with the chance for a sweep of San Francisco today.

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