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A Journey Through Time And Bad Catchers
2007-09-04 12:10
by Phil Bencomo

Cub catchers of the past who caught Steve Trachsel during his first stint with the team, as found on Trachsel's pitching split stats page:

S Servais - 80 G
R Wilkins - 29 G
T Houston - 27 G
B Santiago - 20 G
T Pratt - 9 G
J Reed - 8 G
M Parent - 6 G
J Kmak - 4 G
M Hubbard - 4 G
M Walbeck - 3 G
S Martinez - 2 G
J Molina - 2 G
B Dorsett - 1 G

Molina coaxed the lowest opponent OPS out of Trachsel (.648) by a fair margin over Walbeck (.699).

But what's most sad about that list is not the Cubs' abundance of bad catchers in the mid-to-late '90s, but that I remembered most of the players' first names -- Baseball-Reference has them listed like above, with only a first initial and last name.

So I ask: How many bad catchers do you remember?

2007-09-04 13:12:24
1.   Subterraneous
I can definitely name 10, and I have pretty confident guesses for the other three (Reed, Parent and Molina).

Why is this information in my brain?

2007-09-05 10:03:56
2.   Sandus
I'm blanking on Reed and Walbeck. The rest I know. Scary.

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