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A Few Things To Ponder
2007-09-11 08:35
by Phil Bencomo

I'm short on time this morning; it has been and will be a busy week. A couple things to discuss until this evening, when I should have something more substantive up.

* * * *

"Where's that been? That was a thing of beauty. We hit the ball for power. We hit the ball in the gaps. We hit the ball with men in scoring position," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "A game like this can really get you going."

* * * *

It seems to me that the Cubs are like rechargeable batteries. They sit dormant for a while -- charging -- then burst back onto the scene -- fully charged! -- before fading into dormancy again. See: April and May --> June and July. See also: Dodger and Pirate series --> yesterday.

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