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Cubs Let One Get Away ... Again
2007-09-12 09:00
by Phil Bencomo

Really now, what more can you say about the Cubs? Another loss in a game they should have won, 15 men left on base ... the season has become frustrating enough to make even a Stoic cry out. The division title is just sitting there for the taking, but nobody in the Central seems to want it.

Oh, every team says, "We want it," but not one really means it, with the heart and soul.

Someone will win, but if the current level of divisional play is maintained -- and, though the Brewers have played better lately, mediocrity is likely to reign -- my eyes, already aching, will explode by season's end. And that, as they say, will be that.

I know I'm being too reflexive. The Cubs are still a single game out. But a sense of anxiety surrounds this team. Lou Piniella shuffling his rotation, Alfonso Soriano swinging from his heels every at-bat, batters pressing, even the media dissecting Piniella's beard -- everyone is on edge, looking for something.

Whatever it is, I hope they find it soon.

* * * *

7:05 game, Rich Hill vs. Matt Albers.

UPDATE: Milwaukee lost to Pittsburgh this afternoon. The Cubs can tie for first with a win.

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