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In Perspective
2007-09-20 07:10
by Phil Bencomo

The Dodgers lose their 73rd game, and fans begin their post-mortem examinations of the season and team, trying to find out "what went wrong."

The Cubs lose their 73rd game, and Lou Piniella merely opines: "You're not going to win every game." With their 80th win last night, against 73 losses, the Cubs moved back into sole possession of first place.

No other NL division leader has so few wins; in the AL, each leader has already won 90.

* * * *

Theoretically, the Cubs should have an easy time finishing out the season. But the Cubs have a losing record against all three remaining opponents -- Pittsburgh, Florida and Cincinnati -- though they all reside near or at the bottom of their respective divisions. I'd be more concerned about that than supposed conspiracies against the Cubs, e.g. Houston shuffling its rotation.

* * * *

1:20 game, Marquis vs. Maholm.

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