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There's The Hard Way, And Then There's The Easy Way
2007-09-21 07:45
by Phil Bencomo

The good news keeps rolling in:

Cubs Gain Half Game By Being Idle, Up 1.5

But there's more!

Sheets Has Hamstring Strain, Likely To Miss Next Start

The Cubs better win this thing, because losing it now would be downright humiliating, for players and fans. Although this would be pretty embarrassing, too: "And now, with a record of 84 wins and 78 losses, here are your NL Central-winning Chicago Cubs!" Embarrassing, sure, but I'd do nearly anything, even post on the Internet personal thoughts about a sports team, if it put the Cubs in the playoffs.

Hey, wait a minute...

Astros Deliver Knockout At Busch

Oh, sure, the Cardinals were effectively knocked out after the Cubs got in their licks, but what kind of Cub fan can look at that headline and not feel an immediate sense of gratification? of immense satisfaction? Probably a dead one.

Griffey Will Miss Rest Of Season With Groin Strain

The Cubs close out the season against Cincinnati -- which is now sans Griffey. The road to the postseason keeps getting easier and easier...

2007-09-21 09:01:56
1.   Todd S
While I'm sad that Atlanta won, I'm glad they beat Milwaukee.

And I generally rooted for Atlanta until this year and the Renteria-Fontenot incident.

Now I root against them.

2007-09-21 09:02:59
2.   Todd S
Oops...that is, except when they're playing the team chasing the Cubs in the pennant race.

It's September 21st, and I typed "chasing" and "pennant race" with "Cubs" and no sarcasm. Good times!

2007-09-21 10:22:25
3.   Sandus
I don't think 84 wins takes this division anymore. With 80 wins, if the cubs finish with 84, that means that they went 4-5 down the stretch against three awful teams, which would be no less than a total embarrassment.

Further, that would allow the Brewers to go 6-4 in their final 10 and tie to force a game 163.

If you're on the cubs right now, your goal should be 87 wins. 86 would probably seal it, but 87 is a guaranteed.

Stumbling into the playoffs in grand fashion is exactly what I DON'T want for this team. I'd rather they miss the playoffs than back into them. At least then you know they got what they deserved.

Now is the chance to prove which team we saw is real. Is it the April/May/August Cubs, or the June/July Cubs?

2007-09-21 10:52:06
4.   Phil Bencomo
which would be no less than a total embarrassment

That's precisely what I said in the original post, if not so sharply. It would indeed be an embarrassment, even more so if so few wins over the last week and a half results in the division title.

As for making the playoffs, that's where we differ: I couldn't care less how they get there, so long as they do. It doesn't happen often. Though the Cubs may get wiped out, at least they're there -- which might not happen again for one year or ten.

2007-09-21 10:56:03
5.   hernan
I trust that Piniella will not let the team be over-confident as I sense many fans and media members are.

The Cubs still only have a 1.5 game lead, will face 3 Pirate lefties in a row who have beaten them before, and after that have to still beat Florida and Cincy on the road. I saw yesterday that the Marlins played with a high intensity level vs. the Mets, and we better be sure that the Reds - even without Griffey - will not mail it in, oh, and we have to face Arroyo and Harang AGAIN.

I hope we take 2 out of 3 vs. the pirate lefties, and that Hudson and Smoltz take care of business vs. the Brewers, that way the Cubs can start the final 6 games with at least a 2.5 game lead.

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