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2007-09-21 13:47
by Phil Bencomo

In 35 at-bats (through six innings of Friday's game), Geovany Soto has hit three home runs.

In 454 at-bats (through six innings of Friday's game), Jason Kendall has hit three home runs.

That is all.

2007-09-21 13:53:24
1.   Philip Michaels
In 188 at-bats, Kurt Suzuki -- Kendall's replacement here in Oakland -- has seven home-runs.

Which is my way of saying, I feel your pain. But I'm relieved that it's your pain now, and not mine.

2007-09-24 08:48:12
2.   Todd S
But how many runners have they each thrown out?
2007-09-25 13:50:38
3.   scareduck
Kendall: 5 CS, 50 SB, 412 innings caught (as a Cub)
Soto: 4 CS, 15 SB, 94 innings caught

Soto has appreciably more baserunners going on him (20%/inn. vs. 13%/inn. for Kendall), probably because he's still considered green by the league, but he's nabbing just under 25% of those who try in small sample sizes. Adjusted to match Kendall's attempt rate, Soto's numbers ought to look more like 3 CS and 10 SB.

What's interesting to me about Soto is that he doesn't have any passed balls. Not one. And that's on a staff that includes Carlos Zambrano, who gives up a number of wild pitches every year (5-7 seems typical).

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