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Wait And See
2007-09-25 20:55
by Phil Bencomo

Listening to the game on the radio, I caught myself thinking, "Huh?"

Is this really the same team that in three games against the Pirates scored almost as many runs as the Bears have in three games this season? Ted Lilly didn't pitch much like a 15-game winner, and the offense sputtered, with batters grounding into double plays and striking out in key situations.

But I suppose it should be expected by now. This team never does what you think it will. Which leads to a very messy paradox.

I've been pondering this exact scenario the past few days. It's great that the Cubs went on a hot streak, making the Central theirs to lose, but was it too early? Every team has hot streaks and cold streaks. It's obvious the Cubs were steaming, so the question is: Has the inevitable cool-down started? And, if so, how long before the Cubs cycle upwards again?

I'm not being pessimistic, only realistic. These are the Cubs, after all. You prepare yourself for the worst -- lessen the fall, if you will -- and when Good Things happen, the Goodness is all the sweeter. Assumption is a cardinal sin.

Five games to go. The lead is two.

* * * *

Glad to see you got the memo, Lou. Geovany is pleased.

2007-09-25 21:08:34
1.   Gagne55
Cubs will win the pennant.
2007-09-26 07:52:12
2.   hernan
what worries me is the rotation that the Padres will throw at the Brewers: some guy named Cassel, then 60-year old Greg Maddux, followed by Chris Young (who just got killed at SF), and either Brett Tomko or Peavy on 3 days' rest. And you can pretty much guarantee that they will sweep the Cardinals tonight.

tonight is the biggest game of the year, to keep the lead at 2, let's hope Marquis does a good job. If this thing gets to 1 game before we throw Trachsel or Marshall out there for game 3 at Florida, while the Brewers host this Cassel guy vs. Gallardo, we're looking at a TIE with 3 games left... 2 of which we will face our old pals Harang and Arroyo.

so unless Marquis earns his money tonight, there's a good chance of a monumental catastrophe.

2007-09-27 18:35:54
3.   chicagoburke
Panic Mode.....AGGHHHHHH @^&!@$(&%i*#)!@

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