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Luck: The Residue Of Milwaukee
2007-09-28 11:07
by Phil Bencomo

It's hard to call the Cubs lucky. Through no work of their own, they've seen their magic number drop from four to three, and from three to two -- but all while being swept by Florida. I'd hardly call that excruciating experience lucky. Maybe in regard to the final outcome -- "The Cubs got so lucky"; as if they had weaseled their way out of something, and deserve condemnation -- but not in any envious sense.

It's as if the Baseball Gods took pity on their souls and gave the Cubs a victory, however small, even in defeat. But does any self-respecting team or person really want pity? You'd have to be in a pretty lowly state to invite it from others, a state I hope the Cubs aren't currently in.

* * * *

In essence, the Cubs finished the Florida series with the worst possible outcome -- three losses -- and still came out better in the race. Incredible, indeed.

But this reality is quite contrary to the fits of rage and panic coming from many Cub fans. Ok, the rage is perhaps deserved; after all, had the Cubs taken the series, the division would already be clinched. But panic? Not yet. It would have been nice to avoid being swept, and it would do wonders for peace of mind, but all is not lost. If the Cubs win even one game in Cincinnati, the Brewers will have to take three straight from San Diego to tie.

And at this point, I'm so tired of getting worked up over this schizophrenic team. It may sound defeatist, but if the Cubs blow it, then what happens? A new chapter gets written in the history book of Cub collapses, everyone moans about what could have been. ... Sorry, I've seen that one too many times already. Let's just have this thing done with, and if the outcome is positive, then there's some real cause for emotion. It's just too draining otherwise.

So let's all just hunker down and watch. Three games to go, and the lead is still two.

2007-09-28 20:36:06
1.   Todd S
It's clinched now. Bring on October!

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