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It's Marshall Field's All Over Again!
2008-01-30 20:15
by Phil Bencomo

For all the fuss about the naming rights to Wrigley, fans will come to terms with a new name.

Just like they did with the bleacher reconstruction. And the new seats behind home plate. And the rotating ads. And the lights.

Be sure to note that those were all physical changes to the park. You can call Wrigley whatever you want, no matter the official name, but there's nothing you can do to ignore modifications to Wrigley itself. But you don't hear too many people still complaining about those changes. Animosity toward a new name will quickly fade, I think, especially if it still incorporates "Wrigley" somehow, e.g. Pepsi Park at Wrigley Field.

And all that extra money in the bank won't hurt, either.

2008-01-31 05:51:24
1.   Murray
Cub fans have been living with a corporate name for years: the Wrigleys may have been weird, but they weren't stupid, and it was no coincidence that the name on their ballpark is the same as the name of their gum company.
2008-01-31 09:20:02
2.   hoops
Phil makes some compelling arguments with one inconsistency: let's hope it isn't "Marshall Field's All Over Again!"

As Marshall Field's, the store was, according to their own literature, the number 3 destination for tourists in Chicago. Since it became Macy's there has been a significant drop in customers, by some estimates up to 1/3 less or even 40% less. Chicagoans still protest outside the store and the protests keep getting bigger. The State Tax people have even noticed a dramatic drop in taxes collected. There are now rumors the former Marshall Field's flagship will close.

Given how the Cubs have gone 99 years without a World Series title, it seems it's tradition and sameness that keeps the fans coming back. Let's hope it isn't Marshall Field's all over again.

2008-01-31 10:42:43
3.   Sandus
I don't think the lights constitute a physical change so much because they were added to the roof, meaning you can't see them unless the sun is casting their shadow on the field (not a big deal to me). The one that still bothers me is the Under Armour logo on the outfield door. I will never be okay with that.
2008-01-31 18:11:13
4.   StolenMonkey86
So what if it's Bazooka Park?
2008-02-14 19:31:19
5.   rynox
Maybe the clothing manufacturer Polo will sponsor the park and we can call it...

bahh, nevermind.

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