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Fantasy and Reality
2008-03-12 08:16
by Derek Smart

If any of you have the same sort of conversations with yourself that I have with my very own person, I can imagine many of you (and really, at this point, I'm guessing "many" is a relative term more precisely expressed as "three") saying to yourselves, "Self. What with the lack of activity at Cub Town, the dearth of posting, as you will, I'm beginning to wonder to myself if, indeed, these mythical beasts known as 'Phil' and 'Derek' actually exist, or whether they are, instead, the sick creation of some Random Diamond Notes fever dream."

If my statements above mirror your inner monologue then, first, I say unto you, we do exist. Second, I say unto you, I strongly encourage you to purchase an updated thesaurus. Third, I further say unto you, proof is at hand, not only in the form of (theoretically) more frequent posting, but in the guise of the Second Annual Cub Town Fantasy Baseball and Beef Corning Extravaganza.*

Learning from last year's experience, I will now give you the rules as they shall be, take them or leave them:

Yahoo League
Traditional 5x5
NL Only
10 Players (may push to 12 if demand exists)
Positions: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 3 OF, UTIL, 3 SP, 2 RP, 4 P, 3 Bench
Total roster size = 21

Draft: Live, 8:30 CDT, Friday March 21st

If divining the truth of Phil and my existence interests you, email me at and I'll send you the information necessary to join.

On a side note, thanks for bearing with us during this long, cold, dull, boring, terrible, no good, very bad winter. I know for me, it's been a difficult time to engage in this pursuit, but I look forward to providing more content during the season - a time which is far less reliant on my ability to conjure up subject matter or write long-winded diatribes on the relative merits of various options open to our shared passion, these Chicago Cubs.

* Fantasy Baseball may not include production of corned beef.

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