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2008-03-14 08:06
by Derek Smart

I hate this deal.

I've been silent all winter, and therefore haven't weighed in on this fiasco in general, so very quickly I'll put this out there:

I like Brian Roberts, I like the idea of him being on the team, I don't mind giving up something to get him, I don't like giving up everything in the link above.

I'll leave it at that for now, because anything else is a rant based on events that have yet to transpire, and I'd rather save the bulk of my praise/vitriol for whatever comes to pass. Or doesn't come to pass. Or passes in the night. Like ships. Or strangers on a train. Like sands through the hourglass.

This needs to happen soon, or unequivocally go away, for clearly, all else equals madness.

2008-03-14 10:34:41
1.   Sandus
I don't think the deal is very fair, but I would do it (and I'd do it even faster if you threw Jason Marquis in there). Here's why:

1) The Cubs desperately need a lead-off man. They have a gaping hole at the top of the lineup, and despite a great showing during some stretches last year, Ryan Theriot is not, and shouldn't be, an every day player.

2) Jason Marquis is now hurting this team. His big contract requires that you play him if he's healthy, and he's quickly spent the offseason descending into bad appledom. Getting rid of him would be a great plus.

3) This team needs to win now. This is by far the most important reason. You have a surplus of pitchers right now, and between Zambrano, Hill, Marshall, and three more years of Lilly, You don't have much in the way of rotation space, which means that Veal and Gallagher would more than likely be blocked for several years anyway. Ronny Cedeno has talent and potential, but is he better than Brian Roberts for this season and next? Your biggest loss here is Jose Ceda, who is a relief prospect, several years away from making an impact. Seems like a small price to pay for contention.

All in all, I would do it without thinking twice.

2008-03-18 09:04:30
2.   chicagoburke
I'm not sold on Roberts and his impact to THIS TEAM...yeah he's a nice player but the addition of 1 player creates too much change in the lineup...and I like Gallagher and Ceda too much to send them to the O's...feels like a Antonio Alfonseca deal to me.

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