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That Was Quick
2008-03-25 11:16
by Derek Smart

The Cubs didn't mess around today, signing Reed Johnson to a one year deal, mere minutes after he had officially cleared waivers.  No word on the money involved, but assuming he didn't get Big Z cash, this is a solid signing that should give the club that right-hander who can fake center they've been so anxious to get on board - a move which has the additional benefit of saving them from making an overpriced trade for some sort of Crispy Byrd.

True, this basically fell into Jim Hendry's lap, but I'm going to take that advice about horsey gifts and just be happy he managed to get some outfield insurance he was pleased with while keeping intact what little farm-fresh goodness still exists in the organization.

2008-03-25 11:38:47
1.   dianagramr
Reed would have looked good in Mets orange and blue ...

The Cubs got a nice player, assuming he's 100% healthy.

2008-03-25 11:48:31
2.   underdog
Fake center?
2008-03-25 12:19:31
3.   Derek Smart
Should have said, "at least fake center". I should also mention that statement has more to do with what the Cubs were after, rather than what Johnson is capable of. I've never seen him play in center, and the 64 games he's played there (you can't use the lack of time out there as a measurement of his competence, either, since he's been in an outfield with Vernon Wells his whole career) don't give much opportunity to compile useful statistics, so I'd need to get a look before I actually made a judgment. Should have made that clearer.
2008-03-25 13:46:49
4.   Sandus
Where does that leave Matt Murton?
2008-03-25 14:03:30
5.   Derek Smart
Honestly don't know. Certainly, he becomes more expendable than he already was. In the short term, I think Murton's more likely to back up Soriano, but Johnson's more likely to back up either center or right. Long term, he becomes the first guy the club shops when they're looking to shore up somewhere else, but I don't think they deal him for the dealing's sake.
2008-03-27 13:27:59
6.   toni
Wasn't Murton designated for assignment...? I guess I'm wondering why, I don't watch Cub's game so I've never seen him play, but he seemed to have good numbers, not superstar but solid (800+ OPS) Was it because he didn't play center?

I guess this is a classic scout vs numbers thing. I've never seen him play but his numbers indicate he's a-okay!


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