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2008-04-16 14:04
by Derek Smart

So, the trip to the DL we all knew was coming has become official, but the thing I know I failed to anticipate was the call-up of Eric Patterson to replace Peter Cottontail on the roster.

The only thing I can think is that Jim Hendry is more concerned with filling a spot in the order - namely, leadoff - or replacing speed, than with anything else. I suppose there's some added flexibility there as well, what with Patterson being able to play pretty much anywhere in the outfield, along with second base, but I guess I thought Hendry would go with the demonstrably better bat, which at this point would be Matt Murton.

Is there something I'm missing? Some reason why this makes sense? I'm not really up in arms, just a bit baffled. Come on, folks, help straighten me out.

2008-04-16 15:25:39
1.   Schteeve
Hendry also said he thinks Sori would be back before the end of his stay on the DL. Um...was there a rule change? Am I drunk?
2008-04-16 16:01:32
2.   Ali Nagib
If he's out the minimum, this is much ado about nothing. If he's out two months, that's another story.
2008-04-16 17:08:56
3.   Derek Smart
1 Nah, he has to stay the full 15. I didn't see the comments, but if anything, it was likely said to give folks a gauge of severity.

2 Agreed. It looks like the intent is to have the same lineup as last night with Fontenot at second and DeRosa in left, which is a perfectly fine thing to do for two weeks. Two months, and I'd be clamoring for the redhead, but for this, not so much.

2008-04-17 05:21:02
4.   al bundy
I guess Murton's never going to get a chance to play as a Cub regular.
2008-04-17 11:34:50
5.   Todd S
I have a solution: send down Wuertz (or release him if he's out of options) and bring up Murton. We're halfway through April; the Cubs don't need 12 pitchers any longer (I would argue they didn't need 12 in the first place). Hart and Wuertz are the same pitcher, and if you need Wuertz's skillset in the future there's what, a hundred right-handed fastball/slider pitchers in the minor leagues?

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