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Know Your Enemy 2008 - Week 3
2008-04-21 04:10
by Derek Smart

None of these five teams had a winning week, so with the Cubs playing well, everyone lost ground. Let's sneak a peek and see where the hurt done hurt.

  1. St. Louis Cardinals

    Season Record 12-7
    Season RS/RA 87/68
    Week's Record 3-3
    Week's RS/RA 27/22
    Games Back 0.5
    Change -0.5

    They start off the week winning a series against Milwaukee, and end it by losing a series against the Giants - whom they are a shocking 3-4 against this year, and perhaps thankfully, won't be facing again. Talk about conflicting sets of data.

    While it's entirely possible they could sniff it again given the current bunching at the top of the division, I can't help but think Sunday was the Cards' last day in first for 2008. A statement which, I'm sure, just bought them a 7-0 Week 4.

  2. Milwaukee Brewers

    Season Record 11-7
    Season RS/RA 87/74
    Week's Record 3-3
    Week's RS/RA 23/23
    Games Back 1.0
    Change -0.5

    Yesterday, Eric Gagne gave up two consecutive home runs in the bottom of the tenth, tying the game that they would lose later in the frame. The second of those home runs was to Paul Bako. Let me say this again: Eric Gagne gave up a game tying home run to Paul Bako.

    And they said the Brewers' bullpen was a question mark.

  3. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Season Record 7-11
    Season RS/RA 81/117
    Week's Record 1-5
    Week's RS/RA 18/52
    Games Back 5.0
    Change -2.5

    Now that is what I call a brutal week. If I were feeling especially cruel, I'd plug those RS/RA numbers for the period into the Pythagorean Win Expectancy formula and see what the Pirates' projected winning percentage would be (.107) and how many victories they should get if they played six games (0.64).

    Thankfully, I'm nothing if not merciful.

  4. Cincinnati Reds

    Season Record 8-11
    Season RS/RA 78/87
    Week's Record 2-4
    Week's RS/RA 26/36
    Games Back 4.5
    Change -1.5

    Adam Dunn is hitting .189, yet he has an OBP of .413, and since he's only scored 8 runs - 2 because he drove himself in with a dinger - I can't imagine that changing anytime soon. Who cares if a guy like Dunn gets on base all day when the guys behind him don't drive him in? There's absolutely no reason to pitch to a ridiculously powerful hitter like Dunn if you don't have to, and until the guys who hit behind Dunn actually hit, no one will, and this team will continue to struggle.

  5. Houston Astros

    Season Record 7-12
    Season RS/RA 73/88
    Week's Record 2-4
    Week's RS/RA 20/33
    Games Back 5.5
    Change -1.5

    If the worries about Roy Oswalt weren't enough (and, granted, he put some of that to rest with a solid seven inning, one run performance on Wednesday), now there's the concern that their new closer could be trying to out-Lidge Lidge. Add that to the fact that Miguel Tejada has a couple extra birthday presents coming, and this was a crappy week all around in Houston.

2008-04-21 09:35:04
1.   Todd S
Is it safe to assume that Dusty thinks Dunn is just clogging up the bases?

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