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2008-05-01 05:15
by Derek Smart

I'm sitting at Reagan National waiting for my flight home. I had half a mind to go to a National's game last night, see the new stadium and all that. Then I realized that the Cubs would actually be on ESPN, and since I also happened to still be waiting for my ears to pop from the flight in, feeling suitably nervous about blowing a drum on my return (I took Benadryl about an hour ago, and I can tell it's working because I'm typing this on three phones with six hands), I took the less adventurous road and settled in for some hopefuly comforting TV.

That's exactly what I got. Other than the top of the first, the outcome was never in doubt, providing a perfect tonic for what ailed me. A nice, joyous romp, with Everyone's New Favorite Cub, Geovany Soto, flat out owning the joint. More please.

Gotta finish my Dunkin' Donuts coffee (which I truly don't understand the appeal of) and board my flight. More later, folks, and thanks for bearing with the silence of late.

2008-05-01 06:15:24
1.   chicagoburke
having recently re-located to seattle (an american league town...the horror) it is especially nice to catch my cubbies on the mothership...and WOW...I almost felt bad for derrick turnbow when he couldn't find the plate in the 8th...almost

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