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The Cure For What Ails Me
2008-05-02 06:55
by Derek Smart

I realize there are another 134 games yet to be played, and that even if the Cubs were to pile up 100 victories and make the question of who might win the division moot by September, that there will, indeed, be other losses like yesterday's. Still, I find myself in need of a bit of therapy this morning, so I'm going to confront my emotional demons by listing some of the reason's why this particular defeat is so hard to bear.

This loss smarts because:

  • It was a loss to the Brewers
  • It looked like a win for so long
  • It knocked the Cubs out of first
  • Now the Cardinals lead the division
  • Fukudome was safe
  • I doth, methinks, unhealthily adore Kerry Wood
  • They all smart, dammit

You know, I don't actually feel better. I do, however, have a bucket of fear about this series against the Cards. The Cubs have played them extremely tough the last couple years, and all indications are this St. Louis club plays with a real chip on their shoulder. Add in that there's not one pitching matchup in this series that I like (although my trepidation about Sunday has less to do with facing Todd Wellemeyer than it does with sending Marquis to the bump), and I'm basically going to be an anxiety puddle for the next three days.

The thing is, I intellectually understand how silly this is - compare the team's current situation to last year's, and I'll take what's going on now hands down. It's the psychological effect of a tough loss beating me down - I get that. Had the game been one where the Brewers scored four in the first, with the Cubs striking back with three in the bottom of the frame and that score holding for the remainder of the contest, it would still be unpleasant, but not nearly as painful, despite the scores and results being identical.

So here it is. I know what I need. I need Rich Hill to throw a great game. I need the offense to wear down Adam Wainwright. I need tonight to be a psychological eraser, and I'd imagine the Cubs do to. We know what we need, boys, so let's go out and get it done.

2008-05-02 09:44:05
1.   Eyeball Kid
They do all smart, that's true. What I found most painful about this loss though was it stirred up the feelings I've had all along that Wood, as much as I like him, just isn't the right choice for closer. I know he won't convert every save opportunity - but this was one I really wanted him to get.

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