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2005-05-11 14:40
by Derek Smart
2005-05-11 16:11:57
1.   Eric S
Since you brought up heroes, how about Derrek Lee vs. "Frozone" from The Incredibles - separated at birth?

Checkout Frozone here:

2005-05-11 16:21:51
2.   Eric S
Don't know why the comment got split up like that. My apologies for not being up to snuff on how to place links (other than cut & paste) to other Websites...
2005-05-12 09:03:48
3.   84 Cubs
All praise indeed to DLee. But is that all we can say about this game? Prior's continued excellence; the bullpen's continued suckiness; Hairston's play at second, making me long for the defensive upgrade that will come with the return of Walker—nothing on any of these?

Derek - you've give us so much, at Cub Reporter and now here. Where's the love?

2005-05-12 09:22:20
4.   Derek Smart
Had a rough morning, but I got around to it. The love was there, just repressed by circumstance for a time! Look above ye!

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